Raven Luna
Raven uses Archetype Story Cards that she created to excavate the layers of your soul and understand the quests you have taken. Everyone must navigate through the waters of their own personal voyage and Raven acts as a compass to help you navigate those sometimes erratic waters of life by showing patterns and alternative passages. Rituals help us see the world in a more divine way as well as connect with the seasons, elements and the spiritual world. Raven performs rituals for others in a “teaching capacity” so that they can recapture these energies and foundations of craft on their own with practice and devotion. She can do one-on-one incantations and blessings as well as facilitate these events for groups. She is also available for Tarot readings, dream work and analysis, and as a facilitator of introduction into certain “Spirit Realms”. Read more about Raven on her website or see her schedule on the Readers’ Calendar.

Frank is a Tarot reader and spiritual counselor. For his availability for readings, please see the Readers’ Calendar. To check the times and dates of his Metaphysical discussion group and his Soul Class, please see the Events and Classes Calendar.

Justin William Newhams
Justin utilizes a learned and intuitive knowledge of patterns found in life to aid you in your own individual journey.  Justin’s primary readings are used to find a better understanding of the structures existing deep within you.  With his readings Justin hopes to grant you keys of understanding into how you are manifesting your own experience. He can be emailed at faery.mechanic@gmail.com or texted at 503-446-3504.