Carmella Cook
Carmella is the Master Herbalist at Essential Elements Holistic Healing Center. She has been helping people help themselves with natural healing alternatives for more than a decade. She believes complete healing can only be attained by balancing the Whole of an individual – body, mind and spirit. She attained her Master Herbalist Certification through the Australasian College of Health Sciences, and has worked closely with a well-renowned Herbalist in the community for over a decade. This has afforded her the chance to apply the clinical (book smart) knowledge with hands-on experience. Carmella offers herbal consultations for $45 per session, a fee that is applied to purchases. During the session, dietary, lifestyle, and mental and emotional issues will be explored. She also provides crystal energy and chakra alignment services. For her schedule, please visit the Practitioner’s calendar.

Giles is a Shamanic energy worker. For his schedule, please visit the Practitioner’s calendar.