Verbascum thapsus, Mullein is used for many purposes pertaining to mucous membranes and lipids (fat cells). Mullein posses properties such as anodyne; pain reduction, anti-spasmodic; relieving bodily spasm, anti-tissusive; inhibiting cough reflex, demulcent; soothing inflammation, expectorant; increasing the removal of phlegm.

Since Mullein loves lipids and mucous you may see this herb in lymphatic, glandular or hormonal blends. However, historically as well as most commonly, Mullein is used to treat the respiratory system. Mullein contains saponins, which means that when combined with an aqueous solution a type of soapy lather is made. Taking Mullein internally calms and soothes coughs, strengthens sinus’s and eases inflamed tissues. The saponin combined with the demulcent helps to clean the lungs alveoli, soften and protect mucous membranes while expelling excess in the respiratory tract.

In the Herbal Tarot, Mullein is paired with the four of swords. To rest after restlessness, recuperate and regain inner strength. The spirit of taking a breather after conflict. Allowing all forms of toxins to be exhaled.

Affirmation: I give myself the time to rest and recouperate, and I am open to the guidance that comes towards me.