Echinacea gained a common name of snakeroot because natives found it very effective for treating snake bites. With this being said, Echinacea is a very powerful blood alterative, or cleaner. Possessing strong antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral and vulenary properties Echinacea isa fantastic herb for all kinds of infections. Stimulating immunity directly by promoting white blood cell growth and efficiency ( T-cells and phagocytosis). Working with blood, lymph and the glands, Echinacea aids the body with antigen (not the body) identification and defeat of the internal threat. THe root of this purple flower is what is used medicinally. Externally on healing wounds, sores or even acne and eczema and internally for systemic infection or weak immunity. Protection against harmful exterior influence so to meet life with inner strength. In the herbal Tarot, Echinacea is associated with the card of Temperance. Intuition and action, daring to honor inner values. Exparimenting with what feels like new life and the balancing of polarities that comes with that. Trial and error, self control and enthusias for new beginnings.

Affirmation: through artistry and daring I create new visions for myself.