Like anything profound and magickal, there are no words to describe the Essential Elements Holistic Healing Center without having experienced it for yourself, but, like anything profound and magickal, we still have to try.

We have been open since February of 2008, and we have continued to flourish in ways beyond our imagination. Run entirely by volunteer effort, the Holistic Healing Center has become more than just a shop – it is a place where profound healing occurs on a daily basis, a place where massive amounts of information and energy are exchanged and transmuted, and a community center where people from all walks of life may come to share skills, inspiration, knowledge, and love.

Whether you’re just stopping in to enjoy a cup of tea, or you are seeking spiritual or physical healing, Essential Elements’ doors are open to all souls seeking peace, health, and knowledge. Our master herbalist Carmella Cook has been helping people help themselves through herbal medicine for over a decade. With a selection of over 400 organic and wild-crafted herbs, along with professional herbal extracts, tinctures, healing teas, natural care products, and essential oils, the apothecary’s medicine cabinet is well-equipped to aid many ailments.

In addition to our herbal remedies, Essential Elements is home to many other forms of healing as well. We cooperate with a network of local healers to provide diverse, specialized forms of care, including Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Tarot, Rune and Intuitive Readings, Support Groups, a variety of Workshops, and much more! Visit our Events and Classes Calendar to see a comprehensive list of events, classes, and workshops. See the Practitioner’s Calendar to see who is available for you today or to make an appointment.

We are entirely run by volunteer effort; no one has ever profited from the establishment other than the community itself – all proceeds go to expand the shop in its service to the community, as we work together to create a more magickal, beautiful, and genuine world for all sentient beings to coexist in harmoniously.